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Sunday, 10 June 2018

Custom Window Treatments in Melbourne

When was the last time you had your Curtain cleaned? Dust can easily gather up and pollute your home so don't wait any longer to call for a Curtain cleaning service!

My Home Curtain Cleaning has been serving the Melbourne with custom Window Treatments and cleaning service. My Home Curtain Cleaning Provides quality, custom designed blinds and draperies along with blind installation, custom window treatments and drapery cleaning service.

Using their own environmentally friendly cleaning agents, we provide fast service with exclusive pick-up and re-hang services. My Home Curtain Cleaning also adjusts, and Repairs Curtains and Draperies to guarantee they look their best! 

When your window treatments need a good cleaning, or when it’s time for change, look no further than My Home Curtain Cleaning - Custom Blinds and Draperies, we are waiting to serve you!

My Home Curtain Cleaning offers professional and reliable Curtain cleaning service:

             Expert cleaning, the basic way that fine furs have been cleaned for years
             The clothes are never immersed in any liquid solvent
             No Fabric Distortion or Deterioration occurs
             Removal & Re-hanging by Expert Professionals
             We offer Free Estimates without any Obligation to you
             There is never any Shrinkage or Color Loss
             The process is Absolutely Safe for All Fabrics
             Perfect Pleat Finishing
             Decorator Fold Finish
             Even Header & Hemlines

We provide a specific and individualized curtain cleaning process for each curtain. The types of curtain we clean include but are not limited to silk, leather, antique, new, shag, white, tufted, needle point and tapestries. Each curtain receives individual care and a tested curtain cleaning process.

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