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Sunday, 8 January 2017

My Home Curtain Cleaner

My Home Curtain CleanerMy Home Curtain Cleaning in Melbourne provides professional curtain cleaning, blinds cleaning, roman blinds cleaning and drapes cleaning services successfully. We have experience of above 10 years across Melbourne. We offer superb cleaning services for your expensive curtains and bring them back to life with our exclusive cleaning treatment procedures at affordable Prices. 

Our entire curtain cleaning is done in our specially designed workroom where we have complete control over the entire cleaning process. By cleaning every treatment by hand and letting it naturally air dry we avoid issues of shrinkage or possible damage to even fragile fabrics. Older sun damaged treatments can be cleaned safely without fear of further damage since the fabric is never put into a machine where it would be saturated with solvent, tumbled and then dried with heat. We can provide temporary paper shades for those windows where privacy is a must while the curtains are out being cleaned.

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  1. I have seen your blog and you have given the information about curtains cleaning is enough and sufficient for all.The professionals have used the machines for cleaning the curtains without damage. Thanks a lot!